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I think I've always wanted to be an artist, long before I could even call myself one. Once I got my hands on a mound of clay I was committed. The momentum of my education carried me through law school. Perhaps this connection is visually revealed in the photographic images representing how I see my surroundings. Can you imagine, fresh out of graduate school and I said out loud "I want to be an artist". In the early 70's, while practicing law, I began studying at The San Francisco Art Institute working predominantly in sculpture. I worked in plaster and wood and paper. For many years I manufactured women's clothing. Color, hand, shape, people, an art in itself.

I am a photographer. My photographs are spontaneous, a discovery rather than a plan. Photography changes the way I see my surroundings and the people within it. My art is in the seeing first, before the magic of visual representation. Sit back and see these images as if you were there.  I'm looking for a connection between you the viewer and myself, a connection strong enough to earn your support.  

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